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McAlpine - New build of 190 apartments, 16 town houses and office block in centre of Bristol on disused land.
Costain, Cheltenham - The building of one of the largest stores and associate external civil works and bridges, brick, stone and blockwork.
Deeley - Brew House Refurbishment of disused Grade II Listed building in City Centre into luxury apartments.
Deeley - Office Prestigious 6 storey office block in brickwork on a Bristol City Centre site.
Bath University - Building of technology block in stone and blockwork.
Southmead - Large extension of maternity department in brickwork. New build and refurbishment.
Tesco - Small extension/refurbishment. Built out of hours to an existing store.
Costain 3M - Prestigious offices near Reading.
Mowlem - Tesco Small extension/refurbishment, built out of hours to an existing store.
Cowlin - St Margarets, a stunning building built in stone and brick work and various curves.
Pearce - Swindon Apartments and shops in Swindon city centre. Built in sawn stone and brickwork.
Bluestone - Oldbury Power Station Brick Sub-station.
Ash Close Plots - High specification 6 bed houses built in brickwork with numerous types of brick detailing.
Mowlem - Railtrack Train service enclosure, built in blockwork and steel cladding.
Cowlin - Fosseway School Timber frame school built in brickwork.
Cowlin - Sutton Benger School block.

High specification six bedroom houses built in brickwork with numerous types of brick detailing.